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I'm back into work, lots of meetings and calling about contracts and freelancing, so I have one, its a second hand one i bought and keep it topped up, nothing worse than the ' i haven't got any credit left to call....'

Back in to city living after six months of travel, trying not to get a phone...

August 2006
I made these pics a while back now. I'm in London, and I use a cellphone regularly to communicate with friends and work.

I'm scheduling video content for people who watch TV snippets on their cellphone. The cellphone is more than a person to person commication device now. We sit around in meetings thinking how to make people use their cellphone more, how to interact, how to socialise, how to spend their evenings, mornings and days.

I like to turn my cellphone off but I also like to have friends saying hello and they've made it home in unsafe London. When I leave this city I'll leave my phone.
I'll leave whats below, to be continued...

February 2005
The story so far... I don't own a cellphone, some people would like me to have one, and sometimes they would be useful.

I'll let the images I've made speak for themself.

So there we have it. No-one has real evidence about cancer or problems with repeater dishes in their kid's school, but at the end of the day theres something kinda human about a note under the door and the effort that went into it. e.w 2005