New things in progress

- i'm at school, doing a architectural technology diploma!
- a multi-lingual māori educational website
- helping out with a new rebrand/website for another NPO
- learning more drupal and wordpress
- beta of a wedding website on the build

Website for NZ Scientists to share and communicate on topics and the association. (Drupal)

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CMS website for listing Teachers and tutors in NZ. (Drupal)

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Design and build of CMS (Wordpress) with forms, forum and information for energy related information.

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Design and build of a online shopping cart for organic bulk ordering

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Design and build of simple website for showcasing of a lighting development company

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World Environment Day (WED)

Filming and editing for WED. At two schools we did some workshops about healthy eating, composting, fixing your bike, seed planting and more!

Preview here

Educational Films

Filmed and edited some films (DVD) for Trash Palace and the landfill in Porirua, Wellington. Shown to kids onsite for education about rubbish and recycling.

Preview coming soon!

Virtual Workshop (user access restricted)

An online 'workshop' for the scientists to colate information, vote and rank quesitons for implementing the New Zealand government’s policy regarding the protection of marine biodiversity in the Bay of Plenty. CMS, Profiles, Validation.

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Tahu print material

A little bit of print work for friends in Tahu.
Tahu incorporates Taonga Puoro (Maori instruments) and classical guitar.

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